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Roadmap Bullet Points

Stage 1: Social community established, SDK & Game-developmen
Stage2:H5 version goes live, open for everyone to play and earn for free
Stage 3:Launch in-game Flappy Nest NFT and staking system, develop AI virtual character "AI Bird"
(Q2)Stage 4: Racing Birds online. Genesis Birds launch with each holder getting exclusive AI Bird function
(Q2)Stage 5: $FMB IDO and listing
(Q3))Stage 6: Official launch of Bird Metaverse, including Open Bird World Map and Birdnopoly with trained AI Bird imported by players
(Q4)Stage 7:Launch multiple PVP PVE gaming arenas and release more Web3 casual games within the FlappyMoonbird ecosystem and community

Nov 2022

  • Optimization and internal testing of the FlappyMoonbird game
  • Establishment and development of Web3 DATA SDK team
Dec 2022
  • The first version of FlappyMoonbird game opens its beta testing slots
  • Website release
  • Publication of whitepaper
  • Establishment and deep operation of social communities: Discord, Twitter
  • The first web-based version of FlappyMoonbird launched and offered for free play-to-own
  • Release of Flappy Nest with a staking system that allows staking of nests to earn $FMB
Jan 2023
  • Racing Birds entertainment mode (SOLO) launched; players can use $FMB tokens to participate
  • Genesis Birds whitelist distribution
  • FlappyMoonbird marketing campaign,"treasure boxes" and "golden eggs"airdrops
  • Leaderboard activity
  • Iteration of FlappyMoonbird's second version 1.0.2
Feb-Mar 2023
  • Iteration of FlappyMoonbird's third version 1.0.3
  • Formation of Ukrainian and Japanese communities
  • Preliminary completion of DAO white paper, treasury and tokenomics
  • Development and launch of Racing Birds' pure chain version (ARENA) and the strategy + random version (RACETRACK)
Apr 2023
  • Birdnopoly demo video release
  • Develop NFT market for the FlappyMoonbird game world
  • Deep testing of FlappyMoonbird mobile SDK (IOS & Android)
  • Develop Virtual character "AI Bird", empower Genesis Birds
May 2023
  • Release of Genesis Birds NFTs
  • Open free switching avatar in game for Genesis Birds holders based on their NFT and roles
  • Genesis Birds have access to the AI Bird function: use AI model to help achieve higher winning odds in the game
  • Web3 DATA SDK Launch
  • Open testing of Birdnopoly with Genesis Birds holders enjoying the first batch of admission tickets
Q3 2023
  • Official launch of Birdnopoly
  • Racing Bird adds AI bird empowerment, Genesis birds Rasing Sim launch on mainet
  • Release bird metaverse assets and metaverse Worldmap,
  • Avatar NFT launch and airdrop for Genesis Bird holders
  • $FMB Tokens launch, players can exchange in-game $FMB tokens for on-chain $FMB tokens
  • Internal release of a new idle card PVP game, which is open to community players for testing

Q4 2023

  • Launch multiple PvP PvE gaming arenas and release more Web3 casual games within the FlappyMoonbird ecosystem and community
  • Launch AI customized birds
  • ...