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Flappy Keys

Flappy Keys(BNB Chain)

Contract:0x56A87e5468B2dB136DCB76AB81196C6423aaE98C (BNB)
FlappyKey can open Treasure Box or serve as a certificate of $FMB airdrops. Different levels of keys give different levels of prizes. There are three types of keys in total, Golden Key, Silver Key, and Stone Key. Golden Key is the highest-level key.

How to obtain FlappyKey?

Stone Key:Freemint but require connecting BNB chain in the game
Silver Key:Freemint if own CC Profile (freemint) or .meta domain (freemint), or cost 0.1BNB to mint
Golden Key:Freemint if own CC Profile (freemint) and .meta domain (freemint) or cost 1BNB to mint
The supply of FlappyKey is unlimited. One address can only mint one identical key, with a maximum of three keys for each address.