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Racing Birds

Racing Birds is the second game of FlappyMoonbird.
Racing Birds is a game that rewards the brave. The global birds compete with each other in one battlefield, and the last surviving bird wins. Here players may encounter various accidents, but the final winner will get rich $FMB, Eggs, Treasure boxes, Flappy birds NFT airdrops and other rewards.
Racing Birds has multiple gameplay modes:
  • Ladder Mode: Genesis Bird NFT holders will be able to earn a certain number of $FMB rewards through completing daily tasks.
  • Entertainment Mode (SOLO): Enter the bird race with the platform currency, by paying a fee as low as 3$FMB. The top three winners can win prizes.
  • Probabilities and Strategy Mode (RACETRACK): In the prediction minigame, players may predict the first two places in the bird race based on skill and factors such as historical performance, user abilities, and participant skills. You can predict up to 15 combinations and get up to 1000 times $FMB reward if you guess correctly.
  • Fully On-chain Mode (ARENA): Predict on a single winner or multiple combinations. You can buy up to 25 combinations and get up to 600 times $FMB if you guess correctly.
  • AI Bird Gameplay: Genesis Bird holders are able to use AI-assisted automatic predictions in Racetrack and Arena modes with optimal strategies. Totally free your hands.
As a Genesis Bird holder, you have the option to participate in Ladder Mode to receive daily rewards for playing the game, or join on-chain competitions for up to 1,000 times of the entrance fee per game. You can also choose to upgrade your Genesis Bird to become a banker in both Racetrack and Arena modes and get unique gaming advantages.
Entertainment Mode (SOLO)
Fully On-chain Mode (ARENA)
Probabilities and Strategy Mode (RACE TRACK)
Additionally, Genesis Birds will have access to AI-powered competitive strategies and will receive daily racing reports. The top-ranked Genesis Bird is able to control the flow of the bird race after the launch of the Genesis Bird Raising Sim System, increasing the chances of a solid outcome.
​Racing Birds SOLO​
​Racing Birds ARENA​