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Flappy Mystery Box

Mystery Box containing raising props & $FMB, is flappymoonbird in-game asset.
Players can enhance their bird's various attribute points by using props to cultivate excellent racing birds. These props are only obtainable through mystery boxes which can be acquired in three ways:
  1. 1.
    Initially available for purchase from ( at around 20U per unit with $FMB, $BNB, $ETH or $USDT.
  2. 2.
    Free players who play the FlappyMoonbird game mode have a chance to receive mystery boxes as well as $FMB rewards.
  3. 3.
    Hold Rare or Genesis Birds to participate in public competitions and win mystery boxes by ranking Top Three.
Mystery Boxes Contain
Regular props
Four kinds pertaining to four attributes
Add 1 point to the corresponding attribute (Fail to add if the corresponding attribute has reached the highest level)
Power-up props
Divided into Silver Bird and Golden Bird; each can be used to add the bird’s attribute value randomly.
Silver Bird: Add 2 points to a random attribute; Golden Bird: Add 3 points to a random attribute.
the only currency (ERC-20) in the FlappyMoonbird ecosystem
In circulation and tradable; used for in-game purchasing, consumption, governance, etc.
Rare Birds
Non-NFT, not transferable or tradable
Can be raised or participate in the FlappyMoonbird and Racing Bird games
Notes: 1. If you purchase 5 mystery boxes in a row, you are guaranteed to receive at least one Rare Bird.
  1. 2.
    Using props to improve attributes may not result in a 100% success rate.
Additionally, players can enhance the attributes of birds through training. You just need to select the attribute that needs to be improved and wait for a certain amount of training time. As the bird's attribute value becomes higher, more time is needed for training. The success rate of upgrading attributes: For every failed upgrade, you will get a 5% success rate increase next time